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Fast and easy scanning process

Digital twins, floorplans, and measurements within minutes

3d map of a room

Interactive portfolios are more than
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Realitiq, our innovative approach to visualization, configuration, and data analysis in the real estate sector. Developed to enhance the way real estate is experienced, Realitiq, with sophisticated AI, user-friendliness, and intelligent data collection, takes real estate portfolios to a new level of online listings. Flexible and individually integrable as a White Label, Add-On, or Stand-Alone solution.

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the AI-supported real estate toolset – accessible anywhere on any device.

Realitiq is a browser-based, device-agnostic platform with modular features for seamless integration as stand-alone software or an add-on. Create precise 3D models, customize spaces, and access BI insights.

Smartphone showing view from camera

Scan 2D/3D

Using the latest 3d scanning and AI technologies to create an accurate 3d model of a real estate.

Tablet showing configuration app


Configure homes or any real estate to personal taste and explore new furnishing possibilities for properties.

Showing dashboard on a laptop

Data Analysis

A web platform with extensive administrative tools and in-depth information usable within any existing BI tool.

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– the bridge builder between imagination and reality

Room scan

Scan your entire estate within minutes and use our integrated AI to automatically identify all pieces of furniture and refinement of measurements.


Receive a detailed 2D measurement plan as a result of your scan and seamlessly switch between your 2D and 3D models. Experience maximum flexibility and precision in real estate visualization.

Furniture configuration

Realitiq allows the scanning of personal furniture and its virtual placement in the 3D model.

Interior Library

Realitiq provides an extensive library of furniture, flooring, and colors available for free configuration of your property. Visualize your new home virtually, independent of time and place, and experience a fully customized and personalized property.

AI Designer

The integrated AI technology allows the furnishing and styling of your property to be fully automated and personalized. Within seconds, your new home is optimally furnished and visually appealing.

Data analysis

All interactions, clicks, views, and actions in the configurator are fully tracked and visualized through dashboards and KPIs, offering comprehensive insights, analyses, and trends to optimize real estate presentation.

Faster Better Stronger –

50 %
time savings on property viewings
5 min
average scan time for 80m²
150 %
increase in site visitor dwell time
7 mio.
kilometers of travel saved
thanks to digital tours*
1,000 t
of CO₂ reduced
by avoiding travel for viewings*
100 %
renewable energy for our servers
(wind & hydropower)

*for more information see imprint

Unlock the full potential of real estate


Sales booster

Increase listing engagement through interactive features, integrate prospect’s furniture, and generate high-quality leads.

Clock and chart

Time savings

Create and edit floor plans from anywhere at any time. Complete an 80sqm scan in just 5 minutes.

Cloud behind a smartphone

Data analysis

Analyze data and interactions such as clicks, trends, and the Realitiq Score.

Technology cloud

AI integration

Enhance scans with AI to provide prospects with options like furniture selection.

Showing a code in front of a smartphone


Ensure quality standards and provide a consistent customer experience.


White-Label / Add-On

Seamlessly integrate Realitiq with existing systems.

Make your clients feel at home with premium real estate listings

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